Zoe + James / Historic Shady Lane Engagement

by Olivia Rehman

March 5, 2018

James and Zoe’s engagement session was a special one! Zoe is my younger sister, the baby of the family – yet she is the first to be getting married! James and Zoe were high school sweethearts! They dated for a few years and even went to their high school prom together, but the two parted ways soon after graduation. Zoe went to a local college to study finance and business. James joined the US Air-Force. They reconnected when James was home on leave before heading overseas where he is now stationed in Germany. They planned to get together over the holidays, so this past December my little sister was flying to Germany to visit her boyfriend! New Year’s Eve James got down on one knee on the streets of Germany and with fireworks going off, literally, he asked her to start the year off right, and marry him! She said yes of course, and here we are – shooting her engagement session and planning a wedding!! These two will share an intimate rustic wedding in May, and my little sister will be moving to Germany soon after to spend the next three years and beyond by his side! She will be missed, but we are wishing her lots of love and excitement on this new journey!

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